Tropical Jello Shot Recipe

Tropical Jello Shot Recipe

   Hello, party-freaks! :) Winter is coming in some regions, snow is approaching and cold times are reality soon for many people.

   Let's imagine, we are on a tropical island, relaxing on the beach :) Bored with the ordinary cocktails? Wonder, what should jello shot recipe look like?

   Close your eyes! We are now on Hawaii, mate :) Here is a variation of Mai Tai cocktail.

Honolulu Mai Tai Jell-O

• 1 cup of boiling water
• 1/4 Light Rum
• 1/2 cup of Dark Rum
• 1/4 of cup pineapple juice (some advise to use canned only)
• Special "Tropical Punch" Jell-O or any other mixed fruit one.

   Just pour Jello-O into boiling water, stir well until dissolved. Then allow to cool and add Rum there. Stir again and put to fridge.

   Should look like picture from this post

   Don't forget to stick a small cocktail umbrella into your jello shot :))


aprilgonzalez December 20, 2009 at 7:57 AM  

When do you put the pinapple juice in?

Freak December 20, 2009 at 8:14 PM  

I am adding it with rum. So that it is not boiled.